Saturday, September 16, 2017

Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide: Code 5K AVAILABLE NOW!

The next level in buying scrap catalytic converters has arrived!

Welcome to our 4th edition of SCCG, Code 5k. For the past 6 years we have been
delivering hard to access information that many scrap catalytic converter dealers
have kept under wraps and hidden from the average converter buying community.
The information we have produced in the past has taken catalytic converter buying to new levels, allowing an open entry into the catalytic converter buying market, helping newcomers gain a decent amount of knowledge and in turn generate extra income. Well, we are back at it again and pushing the envelope a little further!

Offer: We are making our guide available for pre order and can be purchased at a discounted rate of $99.00. This promotion will end on 10/15/2017 at which time the guide will be available for the retail price of $129.00. Order your copy today and save over 20%!

Contents: In this edition you will receive over 5,000 relevant codes, including prices, photos, grades and catalytic converter terminologies, that will give you the edge needed to successfully buy and sell scrap catalytic converters. With prices near or at refiners pricing, this will ensure that you are getting the best payout/offer for your material. There are hundreds of identical catalytic converters, but the pricing could be drastically different, this guide will help you distinguish the price difference by allowing you to simply run a code search for each catalytic converter. This will help you eliminate any surprises at the point of sale or processing and will guide you in determining what you should pay. So whether you are selling per unit and/or de-canning, this guide has you covered.

*This guide covers all Makes and Models, DPF Systems and Class 8 Filters.

The Guide C5K: After purchase you will receive a downloadable searchable PDF Ebook that can be downloaded to any Computer, Smart Phone and/or Tablet. You will also receive a paperback upon request. All customers will receive a free 1 year subscription to monthly codes and pricing updates sent in downloadable PDF Ebook format directly to their email keeping you plugged in to changing PGM markets and additional codes.

Friday, January 27, 2017

PGM Solution - Sell us your Scrap Catalytic Converters!


We are experienced and competitive buyers of Scrap Catalytic Converters. 
We have put together an online searchable database giving you the ability to see the value of your scrap catalytic converters before you sale.
Whether you are shipping or selling at our facility, we are able to offer you a reasonable amount for your material.

What we offer:
  • An online selling platform allowing you to search and sell your scrap catalytic converters
  • The ability to search by Make, Model, Code or Grade.
  • The option to ship your material or sell directly at the door.
  • A database that is always growing and refined.

Visit us online for more info.


863 S Cherry Ln.
Fort Worth, TX 76108
Pricing/Online Rep: (682) 232-6230
Facility: (817) 966-5797